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To improve overall experience & accessibility.

Greetings, I'm Andrew, and my purpose is to assist you in realizing your aspirations.

In a world where some of us may be visually impaired or disabled, I firmly believe that these unique attributes constitute our superpower.

Recognizing our diverse abilities, I am committed to leveraging the myriad skills and perspectives within our community to contribute meaningfully to society at large. Drawing from my personal experiences with visual impairment, I aim to empower you to attain or sustain your independence.

This platform has been meticulously crafted to serve as a resource hub, providing valuable information and support for the community. Through the dissemination of knowledge and resources, I aspire to guide you on the path to independence, enabling you to achieve your dreams despite the challenges posed by visual impairment.

Feel free to explore the wealth of information available here, tailored to enhance your independence and propel you toward the fulfillment of your goals.

What I do

In my professional capacity, I am dedicated to sharing a wealth of knowledge, leveraging personal experiences, and providing curated resources to facilitate the enhancement and sustenance of your independence.

Motivated by a desire to counter stereotypes and dismissive attitudes, I have grown weary of hearing limiting phrases such as "You're blind, you can't do that" or "Why bother if you can't see." Recognizing the shared frustration in encountering such sentiments, my mission is to empower you with the resounding affirmation that, indeed, you can overcome these challenges.

I am committed to assisting you in disproving these notions, fostering improvements in your independence, bolstering your confidence, and enabling you to articulate and share your unique narrative. Moreover, my aim extends to collaborating with you in exploring avenues for financial independence and beyond.

My dedication to this cause is evidenced by the countless hours invested in researching valuable resources, acquiring diverse skill sets, and establishing networks. The culmination of these efforts positions me to provide you with the most effective assistance possible.

Together, we will not only defy societal misconceptions but also cultivate a path toward personal growth and empowerment.


Discover comprehensive resources from local, state, national, and international organizations dedicated to aiding individuals who are blind or vision impaired.

These organizations offer an array of services aimed at promoting independence and enhancing the quality of life.

Self-Confidence Building

Develop and strengthen your self-confidence through targeted programs and resources designed to empower individuals facing visual challenges.

Uncover strategies and techniques to boost your self-esteem, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Life Skills Mastery

Through structured programs and educational resources, acquire essential life skills, including budgeting, accessibility, and mobility.

Elevate your capabilities and independence by gaining proficiency in these fundamental aspects of daily living.


Engage with local instructors and organizations specializing in mobility training.

Explore tips and tricks for effective cane use and maintenance, participate in discussions, demonstrations, and benefit from guest speakers and articles on enhancing your independence and mobility.

Income Opportunities

Access a wealth of information on income opportunities tailored for the blind and vision-impaired community. Discover local organizations offering job skills training and placement services, explore work-from-home opportunities and delve into the world of content creation. Gain insights into transforming your passions into profitable ventures.

These professional empowerment services are crafted to support your journey toward independence, self-confidence, enhanced life skills, improved mobility, and the pursuit of meaningful income opportunities.

Why I Do It

I’ve been there

Motivated by Personal Experience

Having personally navigated the challenges of living on a fixed low income and contending with government-imposed restrictions that impede independence, I empathize with the struggles faced by many. My journey from adversity to success has instilled in me the firm belief that I can be a source of assistance for you.

Overcoming Adversity

I am intimately acquainted with the experience of being criticized, mocked, and faced with skepticism, encountering the pervasive belief that certain goals are unattainable. However, I want you to know that I have not only persevered but also triumphed over these obstacles, and I firmly believe that you can do the same.

Guiding Your Path to Success

Recognizing the importance of hard work and determination, I have worked tirelessly to achieve the position I hold today. My commitment extends to providing guidance and support as you navigate your own journey. Whether you find yourself at the bottom or facing obstacles that seem insurmountable, I am dedicated to helping you ascend and achieve your goals.

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I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table as an established content creator with multiple YouTube channels, social media presence, and Facebook groups ranging from under 100 to over 16,000 followers.

Featured in Artistic Philanthropy Magazine and a Co-Founder of POV Society alongside Dan Currier, host of People of Video Conference & Creator Fundamentals on YouTube, I am deeply immersed in the influencer and creator communities. As a student and friend of industry leaders like Pat Flynn, Karma Cashflow, Nick & Dee Nimmin, Roberto Blake, and Dale L. Roberts, I continuously expand my knowledge and connections.

In 2020, I participated in the International Orientation Mobility Online Symposium (IOMOS) and have since contributed insights from the blind/vip perspective to better inform instructors about our community's unique needs.

My accomplishments include becoming a FireFighter and EMT, a Marine Veteran, a Partner with Streamyard, and an Amazon Influencer. I also secured a distribution agreement for my book, which is available internationally, and started my own business. I've also successfully monetized my YouTube channel, demonstrating expertise in various income streams.

Why does this matter to you? I can guide you, whether you're an absolute beginner or advanced, through creating multiple streams of income with unique needs and considerations.

I've defied expectations as a legally blind individual, proving that with the right mindset, you can overcome obstacles. I understand the uncertainties of the journey, the challenges of low income, and the pursuit of independence. Together, we can work towards gaining experience, accessing resources, building confidence, sharing your story, and living the life you desire.

Explore my blog posts for deeper insights into my journey and the knowledge I'm eager to share. Choose a mentor who has walked the path, overcome challenges, and is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Let's embark on this journey together, transcending limitations and unlocking your potential.


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I want to bring

 innovation to the table

My mission is to introduce innovation to the table, offering you the resources and tools essential for living your optimal life. I curate a comprehensive list of instructors, organizations, and services committed to assisting our community.

Additionally, I provide invaluable tech tutorials, comprehensive how-to guides, and assorted tips and tricks for enhancing accessibility both online and offline. You can expect orientation and mobility tips that foster independence, whether you're traveling alone or with a guide.

My commitment extends to sharing knowledge about available community resources and illuminating avenues for generating income from the comfort of your home. These offerings, however, are merely the tip of the iceberg. I am dedicated to ongoing research, continually uncovering more information, resources, and skills to share with you.

 Elevate your experience, embrace innovation, and embark on a journey towards enhanced empowerment.


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