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Did you know by building a email list that you could make money?

Yeah you read that right, by building an email list you could make money. 

An its easier than you think. 

Yeah there are plenty of email list building sites out there for you to use, but they really dont help you know how to build your email list. 

They just say pick us to build your list, what they dont tell you is how to do it, why to do it, or about the amount you're going to pay after reaching a certain number of subscribers. 

But if you're a blogger, podcaster, author, musician, business owner, or content creator of any type and everything in between. Than building an email list can help you immensely and it can help you make money too. 

I have been a student of Pat Flynn for a couple years and have learned a ton from him when it comes to business. An let me tell you the one thing everyone needs whether they're in the professional field or not is an email list. 

Why you ask, well in these days every social media has it's community guidelines an if you have a following on their platform and they decide to say you violated some rule or just close the website, how would you reach out to those who follow you?

It's not like we keep every followers phone numbers in our cellphones right. So having  an email list gives you a safety net anything happens and you can send out a mass email and let everyone who follows you know what happend.

This also gives you the ability to market to your followers, share updates on the products or services your using, recommend affiliates you have, update them on the content you're making and so on. 

There are plenty of reasons you can use email lists for personal use and for business use.

If you have never had an email list and want to learn how to get started and the benedits of email lists I recommend checking out Email Marketing Magic. 

This course will show you everything you need to do to get started and the best practices to build your email list and how you can make money doing it. I'm talking you could make hundreds an even thousands of dollars through email marketing on your list. 

If you think that's something you want to do then you will learn a ton from Email Marketing Magic taught by Pat Flynn.  Pat is an entrepreneur and business owner who aims to help people like us to learn how to become successful entrepreneurs ourselves and make a living doing the things we love, instead of having the typical 9-5 job we all dred.

Click the image below and it will take you to the course where you can see for yourself what you'll learn and can purchase if you think it's right for you. As a student of the course you also get access to Pat himself every week in office hours where you can ask him all your questions on email marketing, and business in general. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or to Pat and his team, we're all happy to help you out and answer your questions. 

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If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me or to Pat and his team at SPI. We're all happy to answer and help out any way we can.

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