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July 4th - Independence Day - 2023

Independence Day is just a few short days away. 

An this year it's an extra special one for me sort of, because I am working at regaining my independence from being on disability. 

Many people may not realize it but there are a ton of people who are on disability that would much rather be working. I was one of them. Every person on SSI or SSDI or similiar all have a different situation and set of guidelines they have to follow. 

For instance, one of you could receive the same SSDI as I do, but not have a restriction on working up to 30 hours a week, bringing home $300-$400 without any issues, whereas I was restricted to the point of any earned income caused an issue. For every $1 earned $2 taken from SSDI benefits. 

So  make $25 lose $50 an didn't matter how it was earned. So I stopped trying because it was pointless to try to regain independence for the issues it caused. Though they have programs like ticket to work and other things not everyone qualifies for the programs either. And those are a whole different mess in themselves. 

That was why I set out on the mission to not only share my knowledge and experience from a lifetime of working in a variety of different fields since I was a kid. But to use that knowledge again to regain myy independence from gov't restrictions. And in that process help others, and share the journey of going from stuck between a rock and a hard place to being a small business owner. 

Showing that the stereotypes are false, inspiring others to go after their goals and dreams, and regain their indepence.  Many of us especially in the blind and low vision community are often discriminated  against for most jobs because the employers don't want to accommodate anyone with any disability.

I've been denied plenty of well paying jobs simply because they said I was over qualified for the position.

That is why indepence day is more than just a time to remember the founding of this country. 

I'm Indigenous and a Marine, so this day has many meanings to me. As it does to many others around the country.

In 1 month, I have set up 3 income streams out of the many that were on previous blog posts. 

An those were just the beginning don't worry though they've been archived there are new posts coming on similar topics for work from home opportunities. 

But that's why I am writing today is to update you on things. 

In future posts you will see more improvements in layouts, as well as more topics than just the work from home stuff. General posts like this, more on accessibility stuff for the blind-vip and more. 

That will all be starting soon after the holiday. As I'm working on getting as much done as possible over the weekend and prior to the holiday. I also wanted to share with you that I compiled a list of some items for Indepence Day. 

There's only a few more days so make sure you have everything you need to celebrate the day with friendds and family.  You can find the list here:  https://amzn.to/43kRRdn  There's a variety of that you may need or peak your interest. I know a couple my family nd friends had to order a few things because local stores were out of stock, hopefully you don't have that issue. 

I already got what I wanted by the holiday, now I just need to get an in memory patch to go onit.

Check it out.

I got this in memory of an adaopted grandfather Joe H. Kellwood. Because we're traditional he adopted me as his grandson. Sadly he passed on a few years ago. I got this so I can dance at gatherings in his memory and those who have also served and sacrificed throughout the generations.  As a Marine I understand why our elder veterans feel the way they do, as well as those closer to my age. 

Remember those we've lost and those still here today, who have sacrificed more than you may ever know for our freedoms. 

To my fellow Veterans past and present thank you. To my fellow Marines Semper Fi. 

And to all of you, Happy Independence Day, hope you have a great weekend, and holiday.

Stay safe & have fun.


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