June 23



Moving Forward


How things going in your neck of the woods?

I'm doing good, in fact that's why I'm doing this post. 

I just wanted to give you a quick update on things moving forward.

If you don't follow me on Facebook, twitter or youtube then you probably haven't heard

what I been doing and why all the previous blog posts have been archived.

Well as I had actually said in one of the articles, this is a niche blog and those posts where the makings of my 1st book. Though I did a limited print test run, and had digital copies made that was just the beginning of the self publishing journey. 

I sold a few print copies, and some digital copies. Not to long ago I finally purchased ISBN's & Barcodes to truly finish off the self publishing route. 

You're probably thinking why buy your own ISBN's & Barcodes, when you can get them free from some distributors? Well that's because most of those free ISBN's have a catch to them.

Like the distributor gives you permission to use it on their service only, so you cannot use the same ISBN if you wanted to have your book through another distributor or multiple distributors.

Which means you would have multiple ISBN's for the same book because of the multiple companies. Whereas by having purchased your own ISBN's & Barcodes you can use the same number and barcode across multiple companies for the same book. Which makes things a little simpler for you to manage compared to multiple companies ISBN's that you would need to keep record of for future publishing.

So since I know this, and prefer to have control over my book and things associated to publishing I have begun the process of finalizing distribution to a lot of different companies online and offline as well as libraries around the country. 

One thing unfortunate though is that to have it distributed worldwide there are banking and tax requirements that are out of my wheelhouse, so until that can be handled properly the book will only be available in the U.S.

As part of the distribution partnership there may be some requirements for the book to receive distribution. Not all distributors have the same requirements so be sure to check before you decide to distribute with someone to make sure there's not going to be issues in the future.

That is why the previous blog posts were all archived and no longer available for viewing.

BUT don't worry though, there are plenty of articles coming soon. I have been working on starting another book of similar topics kind of like a 2nd edition but haven't decided for sure just yet. But those will be coming soon, as well as some other topics as well. 

I'm hoping to provide a couple of articles a week like before with alternating topics to help get the info out there. So keep that in mind. You can always stay updated on the latest by following the Facebook page.

I also began a program on Amazon as an influencer which has begun the leap of faith to get off disability. That has gone well for the first 30days so far. Haven't made enough to get off disability but it's a start an there is nowhere to go but up. 

Which means besides the book, and Amazon I will be rolling out everything I have worked on for the past 3 years. So you're in store for a lot of updates to the website, and blog as well as more things finally beccoming available soon. Like courses, guides, worksheets, templates, and a ton more. 

So stay tuned there is a lot on the way. 🙂 

Talk to you soon. 


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